Attack on Titan’s Universal Studios Collab Made Levi’s Best Collectible Ever

Attack on Titan wrapped yet another finale this week, but there is more coming for the hit anime. Not only did the series confirm it will return in 2023 with new episodes, but fans in Japan can celebrate the Survey Corps in a special way right now. After all, Universal Studios is hosting a new attraction based on the hit series, and the event is making Levi go viral for the most unexpected reason.

And what might that be? Well, it turns out Levi makes for one impressive souvenir. Universal Studios is selling a limited-edition Levi popcorn bucket to visitors, and a TikTok is going viral for showing the goods off to fans.


Surprising you guys w/ Levi’s Popcorn Bucket, plushy and a mask! #japan #anime #attackontitans #levi #leviackerman #weeb

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The clip, which you can find above, was posted by jesseogn after they were able to visit the Attack on Titan attraction. Universal Studios Japan has a 3D ride operating right now that takes fans on a harrowing journey through the anime. Attack on Titan: Race for Survival asks fans to work with Levi and his allies as they dodge invading Titans the best they can. And after checking out the ride, fans can stop at nearby kiosks to get snacks. It is there fans can get the Levi popcorn bucket, and honestly? We need one ASAP.

The cute bucket features Levi sitting in a plush chair, and he has a cup of tea in hand as always. The figure can be purchased with afternoon tea-flavored popcorn, and according to the video, the treat tastes like caramel. A good bit of popcorn can even fit in this collectible, and fans from all over TikTok are vying to get one.

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For those who can visit the park, the limited-edition bucket is hard to find, and each visitor can only buy one. They will run you $45 USD at the park, but of course, the merchandise is available secondhand. You can expect to pay up about $100 USD if you go that route, but for hardcore Levi fans, it seems the price tag hardly matters.

Would you like to visit this Attack on Titan attraction one day? Or maybe just nab one of these Levi sourveniers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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